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Think of turning off the "automatic renewal" if you take a subscription, if you find it and if you can because as of 22nd of May 2016 it´s just impossible.


Jaime ce jeu mais on ne peut pas changer lâge quand on a un grand stat cest dommage

Automatic payment

When you dont want to continue to pay, there is hard to find way to cancel your automatic payment, the services is not honest


Congrats for the excelent work! And mobile app with the off line feature is perfect for people who travels a lot!!!


Perfekt und easy

Wrong flag

Every language with their original flag, But Portuguese with Brazilian flag ?? Seriously??

Very good

This app is very good, but I wished I wasnt forced to use the french(europeen)keyboard because ive set the app in french. I speak english, but I find it easier to learn another language when using my native tongue ;)


A great way to start learning a language. The purchase is worth it.

Wanting more

More explanations of exceptions, more pronunciation guides of similar sounding phrases, more ways to track progress

Works as promised

Been using occasionally for 6 months, always functions as it should. No regrets having decided to register and pay monthly fee, they dont hound me to purchase more than I register for, nor has there been an onslaught of spam as a result. I receive exactly the product I agreed to paid for, no more no less.

Excellent app

Next best think to live classes.

Best language app

Ive tried several, and this by far is helping me with pronunciation and grammar

Good app overall, but awful keyboard

Half of my mistakes are due to the keyboard. I wish their keyboard were the same as the normal iPhone keyboard. Very frustrating!

No Flash on iPhone

So sad that I cant use this app without Flash, which is not supported on iPhone...:(


This application is amazing


We want to Turkish version for this application

About this application

We want Turkish version

Some suggestions

I think it would help greatly if I could review as much items as I choose any time. It would be of greater help if I were able to delete those items in my "vocabulary" which I feel I have digested well or known them from previous exposure, while reviewing. Thank you.

Fully recommend

Gest app for language acquisition ever


Use it to learn Spanish, along with Duolinguo. Best language app I tried so far.

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